What’s your orientation?

Photographically speaking, of course.

I noticed that I shoot a number of portrait oriented photos, as opposed to landscape oriented. I don’t think it’s conscience, I just shoot the subject and try to frame accordingly for the best composition. The problem with portrait orientation (which is funny because I don’t shoot any actual portraits) when viewed on a PC screen is that you don’t get that screen filling image. It is reduced to a tiny sliver in the middle. I don’t have a tablet computer but I imagine it can be easily flipped to view the image full screen. Same with a phone, but they are too tiny to enjoy photography, in my opinion.

When printed and framed, a portrait oriented photo looks great on the wall. I make  a number of 13×19″ prints and have a whole portfolio filled with portrait oriented photos and they look great. A giant picture book! But the pc screen is still a stumbling block. Editing is tougher because you can’t work on a very large image without zooming in to the details. I think if there was a pc screen that rotates then that would be ideal for photo editing. I haven’t researched it and I imagine there may be such a thing, but most likely out of my price range.

My latest portrait oriented photo is an aging sunflower I spotted in an antique store window as I was walking by on the sidewalk. I shot through the window and my first shot was actually a landscape oriented photo because I wanted part of the weathered window frame in the picture. But there was too much reflection in the glass of the street behind me, so I switched the camera around, shaded the window somewhat,  and just focused on the subject. Bingo!

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

  One thought on “What’s your orientation?

  1. July 18, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    A very beautiful shot. I choose portrait most often because, though the whole image does not appear on a single screen, it is a larger image on my blog and that is valuable to me. If I do a landscape image, it is 650 pixels wide max and not very tall at all and consequently very small. I also agree that portrait-oriented pictures are nice to hang on the wall. Landscape ones seem to require a more specialized wall space, such as over the mantle.

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