Annual mushroom in the yard photos

Every year at this time I get a small crop of mushrooms that pop up in my yard, usually around 10 days or so after my last mow. And every year I try to photograph them and present them in a different way because, really, how many ways can you show mushrooms growing in a lawn? The crop this year wasn’t very photogenic, probably because it has been rather dry so far this fall. With only a few small rounded ‘shrooms to shoot I wasn’t even going to bother but I thought I would run out this evening and take a few shots.

The light was already getting low and I had to shoot wide open to save any kind of decent shutter speed. Shooting at such a low angle is awkward and holding the camera steady while doing it is even more awkward. Throw in the fact that the lens I used didn’t have any stabilization and I ended up with a few blurry ones.

With a few blurry shots in hand it prompted to me to process them in an old wet plate sort of style, heavy on the sepia and streaky textures. I like what I got out of one shot so I did a small series. Not sure what I can do with them next year, maybe go in the opposite direction and shoot for an ultra modern look.

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