I need more balls

Monkey balls, that is.

It seems like this is a banner year for monkey balls, or hedge apples, bowwood, bois d’arc (French for “wood of the bow”), bodark, geelhout, mock orange, horse apple, naranjo chino, wild orange and yellow-wood. Offficially the Osage orange tree, has been quite noticeable for me this year as I drive around the rural regions of southwestern Pennsylvania. They are always around every year but I don’t remember seeing sooo many as I have this year

I find the trees quite picturesque, with their scraggly branches and the bright yellow fruits glowing in the autumn sun. After all of the leaves have fallen is when they really stand out. I’ve seen a number of good ones that would have made for a good photo but unfortunately I was usually doing my day job and I couldn’t simply stop to take a photo, let alone trespass on someone’s property. But the other day I was able to grab this photo and although I like the composition I can’t help but wonder what it would have looked like with more balls. Just a few weeks too late.

Maybe next year.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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