Looking at details

As I mentioned in past posts I am going to occasionally critique my own work on this site. I am critiquing to not only confirm what I already know what is wrong with some of my photos but hopefully to help you better understand how photos can be improved through thought and composition.

My first photo is a simple tropical plant photo. I took the shot at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and I liked how it resembled  fireworks in the sky. A classic looking up perspective shot. Nothing fancy. Exposure and focus seem to be spot on, so no problem there.. Where I could have improved the shot was in composition. Although subtle, if I rotated the camera slightly to the right and zoomed out a bit I could have better fit both plants in the photo and that would have eliminated a lot of the blue sky on the left which would have balanced the photo a little better.


I can’t even rotate the image to better balance it because I shot it too tight. Which brings me to another rule (for me) that I broke. I only took a single photo. If I shot a number of photos at different focal lengths (or in this case, orientations) I would have had more to work with in post-processing. If I am shooting a still subject I almost always try to shoot varied compositions . I’m usually correct in my first shot but it cant hurt to have backups just in case!


  One thought on “Looking at details

  1. August 28, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    I agree about the need to shoot more shots of a good subject. I do like your image but would like to see more trunk on the smaller tree.

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