Shooting vicariously through others

My photography output has been awfully low these past few months. I think I have shot less than I have in years. Why? Just a combination of things – first the usual suspects such as work and home, followed by the total lack of anything to shoot. I know, I have pretty much created my “style” around shooting anything and everything I come across but the anything and everything I have come across lately just aren’t yelling out to me, “shoot me!”. No amount of “good light’ can help around these parts.

I desperately need to take a vacation and get out of my usual environment to find  some fresh perspectives. It won’t take much, I’m not asking for Paris or Venice, although those places would be sweet, I’m think more like somewhere that’s just not here. Heck, Cleveland could work for me! I could happily walk down some strange cities streets and shoot away at anything I see. New lines, new angles, new light, everything is new – to me.

We’ll see how the vacation goes. In the mean time I have been clicking the shutter but my subjects are usually weeds and cows, with the occasional wild turkey. Not too exciting and far from what I want to photograph. Not only in the sense of subject matter but even more so in the sense of creativity. I’ve always liked shooting somewhat ordinary things in new ways and I haven’t been doing much of that at all. My creativity is on hold for some reason.

In the mean time I have been enjoying the work of others, I’m finding inspiration out there and it helps. There’s lots of great work floating around the web. But every time I see a photo that I like and think that it’s similar to what I would have shot I just want to be out there shooting instead. Time to get out of town!

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