Getting squiggly with it

I am not squiggly.


Just some plants reflecting in wavy pond water.

I know, it’s a ho-hum photo but I did want to post something since I’ve been away for a while. It’s generally not a good idea to post ones crappy photos but I felt like I had to do something.

I’ll be back soon with some black and white, to get the groove back.

Oh heck, since I’m here I may as well throw in a couple more.

A bee. While in the local park, my wife insisted I catch a bee in flight around the flowers. I tried for a while but with not much luck. The light was getting too dim for a decent shutter speed. Focus tracking a random flying bee was bit too tough for my camera (or me, since I don’t usually do that type of thing), so I am glad I at least got some shots while it was stationary on the flowers.


Some nice color, while I was trying to capture the bee:


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