I’m ba-ack!

I know how much everyone has missed me since my last post, which seems like eons  ago. Okay, maybe it was eons ago but I have slowly began to crawl my way out of my photography hole in the interim. Blame it on bad weather, bad colds, busy day job, old house, or any number of modern day sidetrackers. Either way, I have been clicking the shutter button often enough, but the results weren’t worth sharing here, or anywhere. Oh, and I often forgot I even had this blog at times. But have it I still do and doggonit I am sticking around….for now.

I don’t have anything new in the camera department, I’m still shooting with my Fujifilm X-pro2 and Fujinon lenses. They have been working great for me regardless of the dumb photos I have been taking. Looking into other camera models has bounced around in my head on occasion but I come to my senses and do away with those thoughts. To coin a phrase, it’s not the camera, it’s you! The Fuji performs as it should and with the exception of a few handling quirks I don’t feel another model or brand would do any better in my hands. What I do need to change is what’s on the other side of the lens – subject matter.

I have been facing the “I shot all of this already” slump as I look around my oh too familiar surroundings. You know the feeling, “hey that old car in the field looks cool, oh wait, I shot that already”, or how about “hmm, maybe I can take a photo of that old building in different light…uh no, it doesn’t look interesting in any light”. [Insert sad face emoji here] So with the same old environment I still have to realize it’s just me. After all, most of my prize winning photos have all been about relatively common things I come across. Normal things I see every day. I just tried to see them differently and it worked.

So, with summer approaching, I think I will take advantage of the brighter days and start to see things the way I have in the past. Differently.

But first, here are some photos I recently shot at Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh, PA. I have posted from there before but I thought I would visit again and try to see the bikes in a different way.

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