Winter is winding down. Time to wind up!

Although it has been a relatively mild winter this year it was still winter nonetheless. Winter is my slow period for photography. Not because winter isn’t a great time for fantastic photos, it is, but it’s just not a great time for me. As I mentioned here before I do have a day job, which means I am out and about almost everyday. Winter is pretty ugly in this part of the country, especially in mild years when mud is more prevalent than snow. Being out and about in winter I try to look for photo opportunities and frankly there aren’t too many. Brown is the color of the day. Oh, I see what could possibly be a good photo once in a while but oftentimes I’m not able to take advantage due to time or location restraints. I just have to move on. After a while my motivation slows down along with the season and I end up waiting for that jolt that will get me out shooting again. Spring is my jolt.

Although I lean towards black and white images for  the majority of my work, a good jolt of spring color and sunshine is what really gets me pumped up for photography again. A short trip to a different environment also helps to re-sharpen my skills. Once I get a few good sessions under my belt I start to ‘awaken’, just like the spring flowers.

Time to wind up!

Lone Tree

Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF55-200

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