Ten Years Gone

Ten Years Gone.

Besides being one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, it’s also the amount of time I have had this blog!

My first post was an introduction of the start of my 365 photo project for 2011. I always wanted to do a 365 project and I was laid off from work at the time, so I thought that year was as good as any. My brother persuaded me to start the blog when I was discussing my photo project with him.

The name “What I Pic” came about from my love of photography and guitar – sort of play on words for pictures and guitar picking. Sounds dumb now (and a change may be in the works). Anyhow, the few guitar posts during 2011 quickly took a back seat to photography, as the daily routine of posting photos took over. The 365 project was a success and it renewed my love of photography.

During subsequent years my input and posting became more lapse. I started a new job in early 2012 that took more of my focus than my previous work. I continued to take photos, but for some reason I just never thought to post them. At times I even forgot I still had this site. But I eventually lost my job in 2019 due to a corporate takeover and I haven’t found another one since.

With the Covid shutdowns, in between always researching and applying for jobs, I did have more time for my guitar playing and photography, which I appreciated. The guitar I can play anytime – the photography takes a little more effort, as I have to actually get out and about. My getting out for photography has been generally limited to local parks, as I’m still trying to stay away from city centers for the moment. I really like urban photography but I’d rather wait until things are a bit more normal before driving a little further from home and visiting denser population areas. I’ll stick to parks and nature for now.

Here is the first photo that I posted in 2011, number one of my 365 project. I was thinking more experimental in those days, but now I’m just kind of settled on straightforward photography.

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