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Phoney photos

I am not usually a fan of phone photography. Personally I use mine more as a notepad device than an artistic instrument – taking photos of items that I may need for reference at a later time. However I do take a lot of documentation photos for my job during my typical workday and on occasion I grab a shot of…

Something different

Something different from me anyhow. A bit of a touristy travel photo. Shot with a phone, no less. I’ll elaborate a little later. Let’s just say I’m relaxed right now. Tropical Pink

It’s a gas, gas, gas

Where have I been? I know that you all are wondering that…..right? Ok, maybe not, but I have been in orientation mode at my first week at my new job. My work is in the natural gas business although my position doesn’t have much to do with the actual gas portion….sort of. My concern is mainly the actual sites, not so…