365-56 No extra effort award

For my 365 choice, I just liked the colors here, especially the gradation on the wall. I would have liked the shot to be a hair sharper but the light level was pretty low, considering the focal length. Plus a few of the shots could have benefited from a smaller aperture. I could have boosted the ISO more but I was already at 800 and although my K20D works decent at high ISO’s, I don’t like to push it too much. The one downfall of the Pentax, in my opinion, is the shake reduction when using telephoto lenses. When shooting at a 300mm (450 equivalent) focal length, I still have to shoot above 1/500th for sharp photos. That’s been the general rule of thumb from long ago, before any shake reduction technology. I’m not really gaining anything. I briefly owned Olympus and Lumix DSLR’s and I know the shake reduction worked way better than the Pentax. That being said, I know my camera’s shortcomings and with a little effort on my part, I can work around them. It’s when I get lazy or stupid that I get results that are unsatisfactory. All of the shots posted here could have been better and sharper with a higher ISO, which would have boosted the shutter speed. Worse yet on my part, I could have taken the time to try better composition on a couple of them. No fault of the gear there. So I need to tell myself all of the time – SLOW DOWN, take the time to do things right.

Rusty Stuff

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