365-144 And some extras from yesterday

First my 365 shot. I didn’t have my shot in until late today. I stopped in a Guitar Center store to check out some gear this evening while my wife went to another store.  Not so much shopping,  just seeing what was out there. The visit just reconfirmed what I already knew – my guitars are pretty nice and I haven’t seen anything I’d rather have and Guitar Center, at least this particular store, doesn’t really stock anything exciting. They have LOTS of stuff but nothing really outside of the ordinary. I prefer higher end guitars and amplifiers and they have neither. I also like low-end guitars if they are funky and have something to offer but none of that here either.  So when I came outside of the store I remembered that I still needed a 365 photo (yes, amazingly, I forget sometimes 😉 ).  Nothing but shopping centers in my view so I drove around behind the strip mall to see what was there. I usually find abstract type photos in such places but, again, nothing to be found here. I saw these purple flowers on the edge of the pavement lit by the late afternoon sun and thought, “well, you can’t go wrong with flowers”. At least I think they’re flowers. I called them weeds because they seem to be everywhere around here, especially on the edge of roads and parking lots. Pentax K20D, DA17-70.


© David Guidas


As a bonus, I thought I would post a few more shots I took yesterday. Enjoy!

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