Nothing new and some old flowers

I still haven’t taken any recent photos. I’ve been taking my camera with me the last few times I’ve been out but I just haven’t found anything of interest. I remember from doing my 365 last year how dark and dismal it is around here this time of year and what a rough time I had getting through January. The rest of the year seemed like a breeze after I got through the first part of the year! But that’s no excuse, I need to start shooting again. I guess I’ll just act like I need a 365 photo and I’ll make the extra effort it takes to find a photo.

In the mean time, I’m still sorting through my photo files from last year. Every once in a while I’ll stumble onto a photo that I think could benefit from alternative processing from what I originally did. I took this photo while walking around Pittsburgh last spring (seen here) and I originally processed it in color but looking at the natural contrast in the shot I knew it would make a good black and white image. Why I didn’t do that last year, I’ll never know, but I like this version way better than the color. Topaz B&W Effects used for the conversion with a platinum print tonality. Pentax K20D, DA55-300,

White Flowers

© David Guidas

  One thought on “Nothing new and some old flowers

  1. January 7, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    awesome 🙂

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