365-147 Scary scarecrows

Well since few people seemed interested in my cat pictures 😉 yesterday , I’ll try something a little more funky today. In the midst of an affluent suburban area and across the street from a major shopping mall is a farm. I’ve taken a few pictures there before over the winter.  The scarecrows were a bride and groom but driving by today I noticed that they changed to very large chickens. I thought they looked a little creepy so I parked my car to get a photo. I took a few straightforward and close-up shots but the late afternoon sunlight added a nice touch to the wider shot. Taken with my Pentax K20D and DA55-300 lens. The lens held up well considering I was shooting  towards the sun.  For processing, I did a Nik Silver Efex black and white layer and then lowered the opacity some to bring back some of the color. Kind of a roundabout way of desaturating but the Nik layer add some vignette as well as contrast and grain enhancements.  I then punched up the saturation of the yellows and reds to emphasize the “birds”  and sunlight a little more.  Bonus pictures of a few more scenes.

Chicken People

© David Guidas


  One thought on “365-147 Scary scarecrows

  1. Nathan Stitt
    May 28, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Wow, those are creepy. The lighting makes it more surreal.

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