365-166 Spotting trains again

After realizing that I have shot photos in about every place in town since starting my 365, I thought I would revisit some sites that I felt still had some shots left. Since I think I milked the cemetery for all that is was worth, I tried some old boxcars that I shot before. I remembered some details and abstracts from last time but it got too dark when I was there last and I didn’t have a tripod with me. So I took my tripod and grabbed a few more shots today. regular viewers are aware that I am a fan of old weathered objects and details. I especially like it when there are really beautiful subtle colors that may go unnoticed when you are just walking by something. When I stop and stare (yes, I look a little like a lunatic when I’m doing that) at something and begin to see the colors and textures coming forth, I actually… well….smile 🙂  The last shot is a bell on the front of a locomotive. I liked the contrast of the bell with the bold black of the engine. I hope you enjoy them. All with Pentax K20D and DA 17-70.


© David Guidas

7 thoughts on “365-166 Spotting trains again

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