365-189 Keep it rolling

I don’t know why I found yesterdays post still in the draft stage. I know I hit publish and I viewed the final post. Crazy.


I couldn’t resist another slow shutter shot today.  Actually I would have liked a slower shutter speed on this shot but it was still pretty bright out even using a polarizer, a ND4X filter, and stopped down to f/18 (or thereabouts). There was a classic car show scheduled for downtown today and I was in the neighborhood so I thought I would see if I could take any photos. I don’t usually shoot car pictures (at least functioning ones) but the classics can be colorful and have nice lines. But when I arrived I saw that the event was canceled due to rain. So I thought I would walk around a little and try some urban blurry shots. Then I saw that a few car owners were driving through town, probably not aware of the cancellation. When I saw this bright yellow classic waiting to make a turn at the light, I posted myself for a pan shot on the corner. One shot and that’s what I got. Pentax K20D, DA55-300, polarizer, ND4X.

Click on pic for larger view

Not in Havana

© David Guidas

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