365-190 Stone walled

Visited the cemetery again today because I was trying to find an animal to shoot. The animals in the cemetery are accessible since they are used to humans, which makes it somewhat easier to get photos. I wanted an animal to continue my intentional camera movement experiments and I wanted something else that was moving also. There were some geese at the pond, a few turkeys, and plenty of deer. Well, a LOT of deer. There were little fawns everywhere. A new generation ready to get fed from the cars. Anyhow, the photos just weren’t working out and I went back to normal, straightforward photography. I was ready to leave after getting a picture of a fawn when I saw this wall and how the late afternoon sun was shining through it. All wall shots with Pentax K20D and Super-Takumar 50mm. Fawn taken with the DA 55-300.

Click on pics for larger view

Three Spots

© David Guidas




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