365-198 A Volvo P1800E

It’s still the weekend so I’ll just focus on one subject today. I spotted an old Volvo P1800 in a dealers lot the other day and today I thought I would try to get a few shots of it. I just stuck with my DA 17-70 lens with a polarizer on my Pentax K20D and walked around the car. I focused on details instead of overall shots, as usual. I ended up liking the shot of the interior through the glass the best for my 365 shot. I went with a funky color cast using Nik Color Efex on that shot. I used Nik on the other shots also, trying different styles. Again, I’m just experimenting with the plugin, so my photos should get back to normal after the trial runs out. I think when you have a series of photos of the same subject you are supposed to keep a consistent look between them. Oops!

Click on pics for larger view

Volvo P1800 Interior

© David Guidas

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