365-197 It’s the weekend

On weekends I notice that viewership is down. Let me rephrase that…not down, more like none. That’s fine, I understand. If I had a life (or a job) I probably wouldn’t think of swinging by here on my days off, unless the weather was lousy. And speaking of weather, today was a beautiful day so I acted like it was a weekend day off from my nonexistent job and sat on the porch enjoying a glass of wine. So what else to do except snap a few photos. Of course I tried to be artsy, especially in post-processing. I am still experimenting with a NikColor Efex trial period and my general conclusion is that it is cool but can get old if you use it too often. There are only a few presets that I find usable, for my style anyhow, unlike Nik Silver Efex which I find highly usable for black and white processing. I’ll probably let the Nik Color trial run out and may purchase it in the future if my budget will allow but I don’t feel an urgent need to have it now. Both photos with Pentax K20D and Super-Takumars 50mm (Photo 1) and 28mm (photo 2).

Click on pics for larger view

Glass of White

© David Guidas

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