365-205 Still in B&W

The past few days I have been liking the black and white versions of my 365 photos better than the color. I try to like color in most of my shots but if the color isn’t really a main component to the image, I feel that black and white enhances the elements of the photo better, especially when it comes to urban shooting. Black and white just seems to work better in urban environments. Maybe because it’s all about texture and form and shadows more often than catchy colors. Whatever the reason, I don’t easily rule out color. For instance, the pink mailbox and the green ’57 Chevy in my photos from a few days ago.  The mailbox HAD to stay in color and although the Chevy shot may have worked in black and white, I felt the green added to the image. So, there you go……I have no idea what I am talking about.  Pentax K20D, DA 17-70.

Click on pics for larger view

Lookin’ For Adventure

© David Guidas

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