365-211 Tal Farlow was a sign painter

Besides being an accomplished jazz guitarist, Tal Farlow retired to New Jersey to be a sign painter in the late 1950’s.  He was as good a painter as he was a guitarist and can be seen in action doing both in the excellent documentary, “Talmage Farlow“. I am sure he was better at spelling than whoever painted this sign! Pentax K20D, DA 55-300.

Click on pic for larger view

No Recycling

© David Guidas

In an unrelated note, I noticed that the photos I processed with my laptop look a little too dark. Looking at some of the photos I did the past few days I can see where they could have been processed a little better. Working with photos on a laptop is awkward enough but the screen view changes dramatically every time you change your angle a little making it difficult to judge the brightness. I’ll try to allow for that and compensate in the future.



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