365-229 Just when you think…

…that all is going well, broke down. Two and a half hours from home, pulling into a rest area, my transmission decides to spew its fluids. I had been getting a weird buzzy vibration during the drive and it sort of stopped just as I was exiting. Since it was a downhill coast into the rest area and a parking spot I didn’t really notice anything different. But when I walked towards my truck after using the restroom,  I spotted the dreadful puddle underneath. Transmission fluid. I looked under the truck and saw it oozing from the seals but I didn’t really spot anything funky like a big gaping hole. Needless to say the transmission didn’t work and I had to get it towed the rest of the way home. $500 later. I can’t complain about the truck. Eleven years old and 192,000 miles, it’s been rather trustworthy. Maybe it got wind that I was thinking of selling it.

So, sorry, nothing artsy today. I’ll be fine tomorrow, that is until I hear from the garage!

Broke down, cracked and shattered,
Left in pieces like it never even mattered,
Broke down, torn and frayed,
Ain’t nothin’ left you could give away,
There’s no turnin’ round,
It’s broke down.

Slaid Cleaves – Broke Down

Broke Down

© David Guidas

  One thought on “365-229 Just when you think…

  1. August 18, 2011 at 2:37 am

    Nice photo !

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