365-228 Get lost!

No, not from here! That’s my advice on finding photo subjects. When I was heading to a job site the other morning it started raining very hard right at the area where the highway splits. It was raining hard enough where I was paying attention to the traffic around me and I went the wrong direction at the split.

“Hey, I never noticed the city on my righthand side before”.

“Hmm, isn’t it usually on my left?”


So when I realized my mistake I traveled until I found an exit to turn around. Well the exit took me to another road where I had to travel a few more miles before I could turn around. I exited and stopped at the intersection to look for a place to turn around. As I was turning around I spotted some old cars at the edge of the road. I had to get to work so I noted where I was and thought I would go back some other time. Well tonight I thought I would try to find the cars again. I did. There were quite a few old cars and this service station. What a cool find! I didn’t get to take photos of all of the cars because it was getting late and a nearby house was burning some leaves or something and I was breathing pungent smoke while I was shooting. Aack! But now that I know what’s there (and where it’s at) I’ll go back again when I am in the area. I’m probably try to find the owner next time because it looks like there are lots of hidden gems around.  Pentax K20D, DA 17-70.

Click on pics for larger view


  One thought on “365-228 Get lost!

  1. elmediat
    August 19, 2011 at 12:23 am

    Excellent. Are you sure you didn’t turn off into the twilight zone. If you go back more than three times it might disappear.

    • August 19, 2011 at 8:53 pm

      It definitely has a Twilight Zone feel to it there. I want to explore some, so if my posts mysteriously stop, you’ll know why!

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