365-238 (the actual one)

I see I misnumbered yesterdays post. It has been corrected for those that are keeping score or at least counting down until I stop this madness. For photo 238 I took a spin through the county fairgrounds to see what was going on. I missed the actual county fair last week because of scheduling and assorted other goings on. Thinking I would find some sort of remnants from the fair I soon realized that everything was cleaned up with very little sign that a fair took place with the exception of huge piles of manure. I’ll spare you the manure and just show some colorful shots. These are fairly straight photos. I chose the pumpkin for my 365 shot simply because I liked the look of it sitting in the grass with the flowers behind it. I did experiment a little with the picture of the orange flowers by doing an in camera orton effect double exposure (one in focus, one out). Pentax K20D, DA17-70 (Orange Burst with Super-Takumar 50mm).

Click on pics for larger view

Great Pumpkin

© David Guidas

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