365-263 Architecture – more or less

I love taking photos of architecture. Not so much shooting a whole building but finding details and abstracts within the design that may go un-noticed to passersby.  Modern designs work great for black and white abstracts when working with their sleek minimalist lines. Old buildings offer lots of detail, the more weathered the better, especially for color work. I like when I discover a photo in a building that I see every day but happened to see it in a different light and the photo is all of a sudden there. Or, like todays photo, you drive by something for days and finally “discover” it. I know this isn’t exactly an “architecture” photo but I don’t know what other category it could fit in, not that I’m a fan of categories. I went with a vintage feel to the photo, because it just seemed to fit the mood better. Black and white conversion with Nik Silver Efex. Pentax K20D, DA 55-300.

Click on pic for larger view

Destination Unknown

© David Guidas

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