365-264 Keep on truckin’

I know I just did photos of an old truck the other day, but I stumbled upon another today and couldn’t  resist.  I was slightly ahead of schedule this morning and thought I would swing through a small town right off of the interstate. Even though I haven’t been through the town of West Alexander, Pennsylvania in probably close to 20 years, I knew there was some old architecture in town and I wondered if I could find something interesting early in the morning. I managed to find a colorful rundown building rather quickly and went a little farther down the street to turn around. That’s when I spotted the old truck in front of the equally old garage. There it is!  A picture right in front of me! I love it when that happens. Every once in a while taking a detour pays off. Pentax K20D, DA 17-70.

Click on pics for larger view

Old Paint

© David Guidas


And, just for kicks, I was playing around with one of the photos I took by doing some in-camera “art filter” processing. The filters in my K20D are rather rudimentary compared to newer cameras but can be fun at times. I decided to try a “sketch” look on one of my shots. The sketch filter doesn’t offer any parameter adjustment and it’s rather subtle, depending on the detail in the shot. So I just ran the jpg through the filter 3 separate times to keep increasing the effect. I later adjusted contrast a little in Photoshop. I don’t normally like to make photos look like drawings, at least electronically, but it was a quick, fun experiment. I actually do real drawings from photos and I’m pretty decent at it so I’ll have to post up a few real sketches some day. But for now…



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