365-265 The final 100!

Whew, only 100 more days to finish my 365! I’m kind of looking forward to it because having to come up with a somewhat interesting photo every day is a bit nerve-racking at times, especially when I am busy with other things. Yet, at the same time, having to do it has pushed me creatively further than I ever would have imagined. My brain was working overtime on some days and I had to look in places that I normally wouldn’t to get a photo. But I ended up with some of my favorite images when nothing waved at me and said “Hey, over here! Take a picture!” and I had to get creative and dig deep.  Feel free to browse my 365 set on Flickr to see my images up to this point.  When my 365 is over I will relax on the daily posts here at whatipic.com but I will still post regularly. I will still try to shoot every day, if possible, but I can at least spare you the bad days and only post my best results.

Which brings us to today. The work project I am on was essentially shut down this morning due to the weather and I had a little extra time before heading out to an appointment. Since I was in the area, I took a spin through Oglebay Park to maybe find something colorful on this gray day. I don’t like to overdo the flower thing but since it had just ended raining I figured wet flowers are always nice. The flowers did look pretty but I didn’t feel like “getting down low” so I just kept looking around for something else of interest. That’s when I spotted the raindrops on the big elephant ear leaves. Most of the drops were on the top of the leaves so I had to hold the camera over the leaf and shoot down. It took a few hit and miss tries to get a composition I liked. In past posts I mentioned that I like the idea of camera with an articulating LCD for such occasions. Today I really could have used one.  I also shot some nearby palm fronds and tried to do abstract compositions. Pentax K20D, DA17-70.

Click on pics for larger view

Green Veins

© David Guidas

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