365-270 No rush

Although there are signs that the seasons are changing, it will still be about another month before it really looks like autumn around here. I hope I can do the season justice in the coming weeks. Last year, I had some camera gear in for service right at the peak time and it was tough to watch the colors go by.  I’m not trying to rush the season but I thought I would hit the park and try some early autumn photos. The bright red leaves are still scarce and green still rules, so I had to settle for less dramatic color and focused more on details instead of the “big picture”.  Pentax K20D, Super-Takumar 50mm, DA 17-70

Click on pics for larger view

Floating Leaves

© David Guidas






11 thoughts on “365-270 No rush

  1. gorgeous. you did a splendid job. i look forward to seeing all the wonder of fall that you have to bring to wordpress. did i tell you how much i love wp and all the different thing you can find on it 🙂 i have been on the computer for almost two hours scouring as best i can the caverns of wp. i am glad i have found another gem in the dark. have an awesome Autumn 🙂

  2. What spectacular blues! Especially “Floating Leaves”! But, in the last photo, I cannot quite figure out if the tree is in the water, or maybe that’s the sky, or use my imagination……

  3. Wow, absolutely gorgeous photos. The tree shot looks like a painting. Were these all taken in PA? Don’t think I ever saw that much water, while living there. Unless it rained a lot. Keep the pictures coming!

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