365-277 Reflecting time

I’ll keep the chatter to a minimum today because I just want to take a break. I really need to do some adjustments on my guitars and change some strings. Plus just working on some songs and relaxing. I also want to visit a few sites of the fellow bloggers who stopped by here. So I’ll leave you with a few reflecting pictures. I had a few errands to run in town and swung by the duck pond at the local cemetery. Before you think “gee, this guy spends a lot of time at cemeteries”, it’s because the cemetery is nicer than our local park and there is more accessible nature there also. Throw in the nice old textures of the stones and architecture and it makes a nice location to find something of interest. Pentax K20D, DA 55-300.

Click on pics for larger view

Autumn Pond

© David Guidas


6 thoughts on “365-277 Reflecting time

  1. So you like to spend time in Cemeteries. When my boys were young, one and three, I lived in a little apartment in a poor part of town. We had no yard, but we had a cemetery next to us. I loved taking them over there to play. It was quiet, safe and even now my boys will stroll through a cemetery with me with no odd thoughts about it. It is peaceful and often allows us to reflect. Just like you were doing. Beautiful pictures, friend.

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