365-289 Passing by

I must have passed by this barn a zillion times in my travels. It sits along a four-lane road in the middle of commercial and residential developments. I assume eventually it will disappear so I thought I should get a photo before it’s too late. The lighting seemed nice today and I was able to easily get a photo. I originally thought I would do a black and white shot because of the nice clouds but in the end, just like yesterday, I thought the color shot was stronger. the black and white version is cool but I thought the lighting was bit too contrasty and the color helped separate the tones. I’ll toss up a slightly different angle in black and white so you can make your own decision. Pentax K20D, DA 17-70.

Click on pics for larger view

Horse Barn

© David Guidas


13 thoughts on “365-289 Passing by

    • The first one looked cool in B&W but the contrasty light really made the weeds distracting, in my opinion. The color almost eliminated any distractions so that’s why I went with it. The second shot works better in black and white because the foreground isn’t so busy.

  1. The color photo has a sense of life that softens the loneliness of the abandoned barn. It’s abandoned by those who built it, but it still has a sense of life. It may just be wild animals (barn owls and such) that use it for shelter, but you get the idea that it isn’t “by itself.”

    The b&w, on the other hand, definitely has an imposing sense of abandonment and loneliness. Not only has it been abandoned by the people who build it, but not even nature wants to take refuge there. A truly desolate scene.

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