365-332 Some time in the digital darkroom

As my 365 project is winding down I find that I’m wanting to experiment more with image processing. I mean, it is digital, I’m not trying to fool anybody that I’m out there shooting Velvia. With the exception of my textured images, most photos I try to process rather straightforward. Occasionally I’ll veer off the chart when I want a different mood or color cast. I’m usually a little bolder and looser when it comes to black and white conversions but I don’t often mess with color photos too much, sticking mostly with contrast and saturation adjustments. I use Topaz Adjust when I want to enhance details and I’ve been using it way more subtle these days then when I first started using it.

But today I thought I would do some images with different processing to whatever I thought fit the image, regardless of “correct” color. I stopped by my favorite park with the lake to see if there was any nature photos to take. With winter approaching things are rather drab around here but I really couldn’t think of anything else to shoot today. Armed with only the DA 18-135 lens, since I’ve been wanting to see what it can do and I can do with it, I focused on a few remaining details by the lake. I hope you like them.


© David Guidas

10 thoughts on “365-332 Some time in the digital darkroom

    • Thanks. I’m not sure about the clothes pins, I just found them there like that (I love discovering weird things). I’m guessing, being near the lake, that they had something to do with fishing.

      • That is awesome! From the looks of your pictures, you really have an amazing photographic eye. As a photographer, you have to be ready to observe things out of the ordinary and be ready to capture them at any moment. I really admire your ability to do this.

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