365-335 Cool on the hill

Ah, December. The last month of my 365! If there is one thing I learned during this project, it’s knowing that there is always a picture out there. I go out most days not knowing what I’ll shoot or where, yet at the end of the day I have a photo. Sometimes more than one. They may not all be award winners but they were all works of art I made that day. Some days they were the statue of David, other days they were shop class ashtrays. Either way they were my work and vision. Pretty cool.

And speaking of cool, I processed all of todays photos with a cool cast. I think I overdo the warm tones too much so I thought I would change it up a little. Actually I imagined my 365 shot of the walker in black and white but I just kept leaning towards the color. When I processed the other photos in a similar manner they all seemed to work best that way. Kind of fitting for the cold weather. I’m still working on a hill with a 360º view of the surrounding area but I’m trying not to show any panoramic views. It’s not like I’m near the Grand Canyon, it’s just a view of normal Pennsylvania. 365 with Pentax K20D, DA18-135.

Upwardly Mobile

© David Guidas

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