365-337 Over Under Sideways Down

A little nod to the Yardbirds.

Back to nature today. I took a slew of unrelated photos today, all before 9:00 a.m.. Starting with a near dark abstract in my driveway and finishing up with some frosted plants near work (we had to wait for the frost to melt before anybody could work). But it was this milkweed plant that I experimented on by shooting at different angles and I thought it would make a nice little series. I processed them all with a vintage warm tone for consistency. All with Pentax K20D and DA18-135. I always liked these kind of nature shots, even though it’s tough to take anything that looks different from whats been done before (and probably better). Some day, when I’m not working and can spend some time on taking photographs, I am going to get a proper macro lens and an actual tripod and go out on a photo excursion on a frosty fall morning just for these kind of detail shots. Some day.

Milkweed Profile

© David Guidas

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