365-343 Potpourri photo day

I took a variety of photos today so I may as well post a few.  Other than that I don’t have much to say, so I’ll just get into the descriptions, starting with some photos of a wooden pallet (I know, I’m grasping) taken with my Super-Takumar 50mm lens. I think these were taken around f/2 to 2.8. I warmed them up a little in post-processing because wood looks good warm. Shooting with The Takumar is fun even though it’s difficult to manual focus with an APS-C viewfinder. I may just take it and the 28mm Tak with me tomorrow. You know, just roughing it 😉

A Peek Inside

© David Guidas

While I was working today, helicopters were flying around picking up and dropping large bags of seismic measuring equipment.

I took this long exposure, intentionally moving camera shot of the Cadillac early this morning. I then added some “sketch” filter effects in-camera after the shot. The contrast was punched up a little in Photoshop. The effects in my Pentax K20D are rather crude, and I don’t use them very often since I could usually do better on the PC, but the sketch one is hard to duplicate and can be fun on occasion.

Finally a pair of deer standing by the road on my way out of work. They did the “deer in the headlights” pose for me. And for a really crazy interpretation of the same photo, see it on Flickr here.

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