365-346 Visions

I thought todays image was kind of strange. I took a few photos early this morning of the rising steam from an industrial area in the valley below me and didn’t think much of it. Later when I was viewing the images on the camera LCD I spotted what looked like a face in the first shot I took. The other photos taken seconds later don’t look anything like this one. As if some otherworldly creature is rising from the valley. Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

I originally thought this would be a great black and white image, and it is. I did a B&W version using Nik Silver Efex but afterwards I was playing around with some color on another image and I wondered what this image would look like with a similar treatment. I ended up liking this color version better. It’s not quite as mysterious as the B&W version but I like the look of it. I’ve been liking the look of color recently, especially when I push the color around a little and take on my own interpretation of the scene. Considering there is practically no color around, I’ve been getting good mileage out of what is there. Pentax K20D, DA18-135

Risen From the Valley

© David Guidas

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