365-353 Stop making sense

I’m feeling relaxed. With my 365 winding down and the holiday season upon us, I’ve decided to just relax. I’m still on the job site for a few more days and I’ve been pressuring myself the past few weeks to come up with interesting photos within my limited world, but I realized I was being too hard on myself.  I had the realization that just about anything I photograph, if shot with an artistic eye, can be a good and interesting image. Plus I know that everything I do might not appeal to everybody, and that’s fine also. Since I shoot a wide variety of subjects and styles, my work is like the weather – if you don’t like an image, just wait, the next one will be different!

I had previously shot the pipes in todays 365 photo about a week ago. The lighting was a little more harsh then and I just scrapped the shot because I couldn’t get any satisfactory contrast. Today, on the other hand, the lighting was nicely subdued and worked perfectly for what I had in mind. The pipes are black and took on a blue cast from reflecting the daylight yet the moist ground maintained a warm brown hue, perfectly accentuating the lines. Wow, that sounded like I know what I’m doing. ;-). I used my Super-Takumar 50mm for that shot. The other photo is a sort of abstract of a block of wood. It was a spacer sticking out from some rolls of black plastic. I shot that with my DA18-135, focusing on the end of the wood to enhance the depth.

Curved Pipes

© David Guidas

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