Like snow, man

It finally snowed! Considering this is winter, I’m considering that as a good thing. I know a lot of people like mild temperatures and no snow in the winter but I think things are just too ugly this time of year without snow. Mild temperatures just mean it’s going to rain all of the time and I’d rather have snow than rain. Mind you, it wasn’t any kind of serious snowfall, just an inch or so. Just enough, along with colder temperatures, to make it feel like winter for a change.

Since there wasn’t much snow accumulation to speak of, it was fortunate that I came across a snowman today…in the window of a store in town. While driving through town I spotted a frosted wet window on a store that I think isn’t really a store. There are lots of closed businesses in town and some look like they just locked the doors and left, this being one of them. I at first thought I could get a shot of the window display along with the wet glass for an added dimension but, since I was handholding the camera I couldn’t get the depth of field that I really wanted. After I tried a few shots of the display, I looked around the corner and saw the snowman up against the glass and thought it looked kind of cool…literally. Pentax K20D, DA17-70

Window Snowman

© David Guidas

Bear on a Chair

© David Guidas

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