A snowy day at the cemetery

In response to my last post….we got snow! Not a major amount but it was snowy and cold enough to feel like winter for a change. So in order to take advantage of it, I thought I would try to take some pictures while I was out today. I figured I would visit the city cemetery to grab some shots since it’s not too far from the grocery store I was headed to anyhow. Regular readers will know that I hit that cemetery often for photos because it’s nicer than the city park and offers better textures, details and nature photo opportunities. I usually try to shy away from outright “cemetery” shots, instead focusing on details, but today I thought I would shoot a few tombstones while I was there. The snow was so pretty I could have walked around there for hours but unfortunately I did have groceries to get! I used my Pentax K20D with Super-Takumar 50mm and DA17-70 lenses for these shots. I used different processing depending on what I felt worked best for each one. Hope you enjoy them!

I thought the following photos worked best in black and white. I used Nik Silver Efex for the conversions. Originally, I thought I was going to do all of the photos I shot today in black and white, but most of them, in my opinion, were stronger in color.

13 thoughts on “A snowy day at the cemetery

    • Thanks. The deer are quite prevalant there, they kind of sneak up on you while your taking photos. I heard little footsteps and turned around and saw this deer.

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