Home is where the art is

Since I’m still working on re-doing some rooms in my house, I’m still not able to get out and do much photography. I don’t think I’m missing much though since it’s still winter, albeit a mild one, and things still look pretty dull out there. Lately my weekends have been filled with either working in the house or going shopping for things to put in the new rooms, construction and decorating materials, or tools.

While I was taking a few progress photos this morning I noticed my poor handrail at the stairs. It’s seriously in need of some refinishing and that’s the one thing I don’t like doing (or smelling). Anyhow I took the time to try a few photos of it. I’ve always liked the curve in the rail and thought I would try to capture it. Also, while I was in another room where all of the extra stuff and tools are temporarily stored, I saw my guitar cases sitting idly, waiting for their new home in the re-finished “music” room. I had some nice window light and tried to capture the various textures of the cases and latches. A black and white treatment worked best with this shot.  Both with Pentax K20D, DA17-70.

Curved Rail

© David Guidas

 Case Logic

© David Guidas

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