I’m still here

Not only has it been too long since I last posted, it’s been a while since I’ve actually had a chance to take any photos. With my new job, since I’m still in orientation mode, my days are being spent with other people so I can’t be snapping photos every time I see something interesting :-). And although the days are starting to get longer again, it’s still fairly dark by the time I get off work. But soon I’ll have the time (and weather) to start shooting again. The good thing is I have been traveling a lot of back roads throughout West Virginia and Pennsylvania and have been finding lots of photo subjects. Once I get comfortable with the roads and locations, I’ll have plenty of places where I can get some cool shots in the future. So stay tuned!

This photo was taken from my hotel window. I had an overnight stay in north central Pennsylvania and I looked out my window in the morning and although it was still dark out I saw this chair below me lit by the buildings lights. I liked the strong shadows and the peeling paint of the patio. I had to shoot this with my lens wide open and used a higher ISO because it was so dark and I was sort of handholding – I pressed the camera against the room window to stabilize it somewhat. It’s about the only photo I got on my trip as my day was filled with traveling and some site visits. The area is filled with trees and hills, including the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania” and should be interesting later in the year when I go back. Pentax K20D, DA17-70.

Leaning Chair

© David Guidas

  One thought on “I’m still here

  1. February 17, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    This is sooooo disorientating…great capture.

    • February 17, 2012 at 4:52 pm

      Thanks. The point of view grabbed my attention right of way. Good thing the window glass was clean!

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