That’s amore

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…”

I was looking through some of my archives to see what kind of shots I was taking last year at this time, just trying to compare the weather and such, when I came across this photo. This was taken when, I believe, the moon was supposed to be closest to earth, or something like that, and would appear quite large in the sky. I remember going out onto my porch to look for it and hopefully get a picture. I was going to get a pic just for my own enjoyment since I knew I didn’t have any nice scenery to frame the moon with and a super closeup shot would have been redundant since you wouldn’t be able to reference the size.

I looked around the sky and couldn’t find the moon anywhere. I walked around my house and tried looking behind the nearby houses and buildings but I couldn’t find the moon anywhere. I thought I had missed it or it was obscured somewhere and I was ready to walk back into my house when I spotted the moon just starting to rise above the pizza shop across the street! Once it rose above the shop I snapped a few photos handheld at a fast enough shutter speed to capture detail in the moon which, of course, would leave everything else in shadow. But the neon lights and interior of the shop were bright enough to be preserved, making the pizza shop a perfect foreground element. Plus I got an instant cool song reference for the shot!

I saw a number of shots of the moon taken on that night by others and they had the usual trees, mountains, seascapes, or cityscape foregrounds, and they were all great pictures, but I believe mine was the only pizza shop shot. Silly, but fun.

Pizza Pie

© David Guidas


  One thought on “That’s amore

  1. March 12, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Beautiful moon. Your picture really impressed me, I don’t have an enough qualitative camera to make such photos at night.

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