How low can you key?

It’s not too often that I come across a scene that would make a good low-key image, so I was happy to spot this one. I was in Pittsburgh and was simply taking a walk with my wife on a beautiful spring day. The area we were at has shopping and restaurants so there isn’t too much to shoot as far as anything interesting but I took my camera along for the walk anyhow. As we walked on the sidewalk we came across a couple of railroad cars that are parked on the tracks which abut the walkway, separated by a fence. The cars were at one time used for, I believe, some type of history display but are no longer being used as such and appear to be left idle.

The cars themselves aren’t very interesting, almost devoid of any detail, but I spotted these wooden pieces on the deck in between them. Everything was painted black and I thought the dark items would make for an interesting, low-key study of textures. Because of the fence I couldn’t close enough to work with the composition much but I think this one works fine. My only regret was that I didn’t stop the lens down a little more to get a larger area in focus. I used Topaz B&W Effects for the conversion and although I tried to avoid any bright tones, there weren’t any really, I think it may be a bit too dark.

Missing Letters

© David Guidas
Lumix GX1, 14-42

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