What lurks down below

I spotted these graffiti ghost a few weeks ago and thought I would like to get a photo of them. Unfortunately every time I am in the area it’s usually the middle of the day. I shot this photo close to high noon, not the best time of day for photography. The ideal time would have been very or morning or late afternoon when the sky was a little darker and had some deeper color. Plus the lighting of the scene would have been more balanced. Or, for more drama, after dark using long exposures and strobes. But we don’t always get those opportunities and I shot it anyhow, just for the record, I guess.

Amazingly, the dynamic range of the scene held up well. I thought for sure that the sky would be totally washed out but thankfully it still retained some color. So, even though the image was easy enough to work with I gave it a bit of a pseudo HDR look using Topaz Adjust. I just thought it fit the scene and it was the kind of image that folks like to use HDR on.

Underpass Ghosts

© David Guidas
Lumix GX1, 14-42

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