Something normal in Pittsburgh

On Saturday evening my wife and I found ourselves close enough to Pittsburgh for me to try to get a shot of the city at dusk. It was a beautiful evening and I thought, after looking at the sky, that I would get some interesting clouds in the background and that it may be worth a shot. Well by the time we got to the overlook at the West End, gray clouds had started to roll in and kind of put a damper on any dramatic skies for the photo. Regardless, while we were there, I took a few photos anyhow, with the cloudy dusk light adding a nice bluish haze to the scene. It wasn’t all a loss. There was a graduation party at the overlook and we were treated to a live band playing old school R&B, while others came and went, looking at the view and snapping pictures.

Now I don’t take these kind of photos too often, To me, they are kind of normal. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just like to “specialize” on  less obvious subjects or viewpoints. And I am sure that the other two or three photographers there with their cameras on tripods got the same shot, more or less. Along with the weather not cooperating, throw in the fact that the fountain at the point is down for repairs and  not working kind of messes up the classic skyline shot anyhow.

That being said, I still kind of like them anyhow. Why? Technicalities aside (my cheap tripod was really showing its flimsiness),  it was a beautiful summer evening, I was with my wife, we got to hear some good music, and the view is still nicer in person.

© David Guidas
Panasonic GX1, G Vario 14-140mm


© David Guidas
Panasonic GX1, G Vario 14-140mm


Here’s a detail of some of the buildings downtown. There certainly are a lot of corporate names on the buildings, one of which is my employer!

© David Guidas
Panasonic GX1, G Vario 14-140mm

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