Down below

On a two-hour commute home from work yesterday I spotted a sign for a scenic overlook ahead and thought that it may be of interest. When I arrived I saw that the parking lot was empty (it wasn’t exactly on a well-traveled road) and I pulled in to check it out, mostly for future reference as the time of day wasn’t very good for “scenic” photos. The overlook was of a horseshoe bend in a river valley. I imagine in autumn it would look quite nice. Or even on a nice early morning when the light is nicer than it was when I was there around 4:00 PM – a little harsh. But I spotted some boaters and water skiers on the river and I figured I would at least grab a couple of shots while I was there. This shot is the best of the bunch. I like it for its simplicity. I was thinking it would look nice in black and white but I decided in the end that I liked the blue tones of the color better.

© David Guidas
Panasonic GX1, 45-200

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