Numbers game

I got to walk around some old Victorian townhouses today in one of my favorite cities to explore – Wheeling, West Virginia. I’ve posted a number of architectural shots here on my blog in the past that were taken in or around Wheeling as I find it a fascinating and approachable city. It has a rich history and there are a lot of cool old buildings still around in various states of disrepair, which adds to the character, in my opinion.

I snapped away at anything that caught my eye today, focusing on details mostly, and I found after I uploaded my images that I had a few shots of address numbers, which made me think -“a theme!” So I present to you, a short series of numbers. All taken with the Lumix GX1 and Leica 25mm.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

4 thoughts on “Numbers game

  1. WiP: thanks for sharing this photo-essay; i’ve been to Wheeling a couple of times and thought it was the funkiest place i’ve ever been. very beautiful and waiting for a renaissance…maybe in its glass manufacture… RT

    • Thanks Mike. Ah, the “Wheeling feeling” – I don’t think I’ve had that for a number of years (when I took advantage of West Virginia’s drinking age of 18 :-)). But I am finding it a treasure trove of photo subjects, so maybe the “feeling” will return.

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