I came across an empty city townhouse in Wheeling and I couldn’t help but to peer into the large window and see what it looked like inside. I love old interiors and I’m always searching for ways to look inside places, especially if they are abandoned. This one wasn’t abandoned, just empty, and looked rather nice inside. The building was right against the sidewalk so I didn’t have to do much to peer inside except clean the dirt off of the glass. The sunlight was coming through the rear windows and cast a nice light on the mostly empty interior, which doesn’t make for too exciting of a picture.

“Hmm, a table” I thought, “I guess that is somewhat of a subject”.

I grabbed a shot anyhow because the light was so cool. Oh well, not much to see here – move along. And I did, to the front door. I looked into the front door and saw the stairwell with the same cool backlighting and composed a shot the best I could through the door glass. I’m sure I looked creepy to any onlookers (especially if they didn’t know the house was empty). I would have liked a slightly wider view for the stairwell shot, which brings up my ongoing desire for a super wide-angle lens. ;-).

The table shot is a black and white conversion using Topaz B&W Effects but the stairway shot is actually a split tone color shot done in Topaz with black and white tones (whatever that means). I tried other methods with that image but I kept coming back to the split tone. There wasn’t much color in the photo anyhow because of the strong light and white walls.

Both with the Lumix GX1 and G 14mm.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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