Making an impression

In order to get my artistic mojo back I’ve been trying to get outside of my own box. One thing that I have been playing around with lately is multiple exposures. As I mentioned in a previous post, my camera has the ability to take up to 9 exposures on one file and I have been trying to find some suitable subjects to experiment on. That’s been the hard part, but in the mean time I’ll just practice.

This image is actually made up of 36 exposures. I shot four frames with 9 exposures each in camera and then blended the images together in Photoshop. That wasn’t my original intention, I just tried the four attempts in order to get a decent composition but after seeing how similar they were I thought about blending all of the images together. The final result is über impressionistic, to the point of overkill, but at least it’s a start. I experimented with different layer styles and opacities to get just the right blend and I’m not sure I could repeat it. 😉

The color certainly says autumn but I would have liked a better subject – okay, an actual subject, not just leaves and a tiny tree. I shot this at a highway rest area from my vehicle (how’s that for lazy?) so I didn’t have much to choose from. I have some ideas of a few things that may work with the technique and I hope I can find the time to execute them soon. Maybe it’s time for another trip to the cemetery 🙂

© David Guidas

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