Zeroing in

A continuation of my multi-exposure experimenting. I’m sticking with the autumn theme for now until I can get out to shoot a better variety of subjects. I have ideas at least, if I can only find the scenarios I have in my head. I want to incorporate more defined elements, not so much nature, to give a little bit of a harder edge to things. That’s what I think now but when I am out shooting I never remember what I had planned. 🙂

This shot is just an in camera multi-exposure of 9 images. No Photoshopping layers this time.

© David Guidas

9 thoughts on “Zeroing in

  1. This is less abstract that the first, in that you can see what it is even though its very textured. I like the different bits of colour you’ve included. Very nice.:-)

      • Thanks. For this type of image, trying to strike a balance between abstract and definable is a little tricky. The camera movement has to be subtle, which takes a lot of trial and error. But the end result is pretty cool, in my opinion, because you get hard edge lines over a soft image, not the blur lines you get if you simply used a slow shutter speed

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