More river time

Another shot from down by the river.

Although I never set out to take bird-duck-geese photos, whenever I see them I want to take photos of them for some reason. And the photos are fairly straightforward shots – the kind you get by simply taking snapshots, not sitting in a blind all day with a super-telephoto lens. Mine are more like the shots you get at a petting zoo. 😉

There is nothing the matter with a well taken duck picture, I like them when done by others. In fact I admire the works of serious nature photographers. The countless hours they spend in the field to get that one good shot. It is a discipline that I don’t possess nor want. I’ll just stick to grungy old buildings and the occasional flowers. But when I do have a fowl shot I usually want to do something with it, to take it from a bad nature shot and into a bad nature “image”. That way I can’t get blamed for lame photography. 🙂

I played around with this flying geese photo for a while before deciding on adding textures. The shot is really simple and the textures added some much needed….uhm,texture. I also did a free-form crop to remove some half birds on the edge of the frame, then went back and forth on the blue saturation, trying to find the right level and, hopefully, I settled on the right point.

Please click on the pic for best view.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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